Welcome Back!

365/365 - Peace - 12/31/2010

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Yeah, yeah, every other blog post I do starts like this. I remain, as always, a horrible diarist. I was planning on writing something on New Years’ Eve (like last year), or at least within the first week of the year, but it didn’t happen. I was going to go over my wish list from last year and see what happened. Well, I’m not even going to do that because so much of it went south.

I did complete my Project 365 and that feels so oddly satisfying! While I didn’t accomplish my goal of really getting to know my camera inside and out, I’m pleased with myself for sticking it out – even when I really didn’t want to – and overall I’m pleased with the results. I’m working on creating a book with all the photos in it.

You may notice that I haven’t posted any photos to Flickr since December 31, 2010. I was really getting sick of the camera by the end there. But! I told myself that when I got this whole library school thing figured out again, I’d start another photo project and so that’s why I’m here with you all now.

I thought that when I discovered I was really and truly done with my Master’s program, I’d have some time on my hands and could try a project that would require more thought and planning, perhaps, and less everyday postings. My idea is to do a weekly photo project (a Project 52, as it were), to plan out photos ahead of time (to some degree, anyway – have a theme, at least), and to use more manual camera settings more of the time. When my goal was to post a photo a day, I didn’t always have the luxury of time, and often relied on auto settings.

And today I discovered that my withdrawal from WI is final, and SK is for sure taking me back (no strings attached!), so I guess that means I better get going!

Conveniently, I can start this at the beginning of a new month. For the first week in January I struggled with my compulsive tendencies – how could I do a weekly project and not start the first of the year? But I like the symbolism in finishing one project – my Master’s – before starting another, and plus, I got sick the first week of January, and started teaching a new class, and . . . maybe this will be a Project 48.

Anywho, hope to see you next week!


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