Broken Heart (Photos of the week, week 2 – Winter Fun)

Broken Heart

I guess this could be any-time-of-the year fun. I intended to take some outdoor shots, like of AG sledding or something, but I got an email from AG’s daycare that they were having a Valentine’s Day party and that we could send Valentines if we wanted to. Then I saw a post on a friend’s Facebook page about melting crayons into different mold shapes, and I thought that might be fun. Plus, I got sick (again! This terrible winter that will not die has given me more bad colds than I can remember having), and it’s been freezing, so didn’t have many chances to go outside (although, it’s been almost 50 this weekend – but then, there’s the sick thing).

I also thought it might provide some photo opportunities.

Crayon madness!

Discarded crayon clothing

It took a LOT of crayons. I ended up having to peel and cut way more than I thought I would – my friend said she thought she used 50 crayons for 46 hearts, so I was thinking roughly 1.5 crayons per heart, but the first batch I made were really puny. For the second batch, I used three crayons per heart, but even those were not as tall as the mold.

Seeing red

Martha says to cut them into “pea-size” bits. That was pretty hard to do, actually.

You mix up the bits in the mold as you like, and then bake them at 200 degrees for roughly 20 minutes (checking them after 15). You want the bits to melt, but not to completely lose the individual colors.

Red and yellow, catch a fellow

This is what one of them looked like right out of the oven. I love melted wax for some reason. It was tempting to stick my finger in one of them, but I refrained.

Then you let them harden and put them in the freezer for about an hour so that you can pop ‘em right out of the mold.

Colorful red hearts

The one at the top of this post – my photo of the week – cracked. I thought I could put in the microwave for a few seconds and melt it back together, but it’s more difficult than that to mend a broken heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Earth heart



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