Winter – it ain’t over ‘til … (Photo of the week, week 3)

Ghostly Pavillion

Oh, man, this week was a roller-coaster, weather-wise.

On Wednesday, it started getting “nice” (for this time of year, that means above-freezing).  When I took my morning walk, there was some frost on the leaves, but the ice was melting.

Frosty leaf, curled up

Frosty single oak leaf

Icy oak leaf bouquet

On Thursday, it was a positively balmy 48 degrees or something. In the morning, though, it was quite foggy and everything was ghost-like:

Ghost trees

Ghost treeGhost Pavillion II

The photo of the day shot (top) is from this group.

Yesterday, though, it was cold again.

And this is what it looks like today.

Blizzard at Minnehaha Creek

I’m also experimenting – or trying to experiment – with the blog format. I’m not too happy with iWeb lately. I probably need to upgrade to iLife ’11. Or maybe I need to ditch iWeb for a free, open-source blogging software. It’s just getting absurdly difficult to format these photos in a blog post, which is kind of ridiculous because I’m not doing anything that unusual.  I think the fact that my posts are so photo-heavy is making iWeb unhappy or something.

I also don’t like that when I post a post to Facebook, it doesn’t show the photo. Also, for some reason, I am typing much faster than the words are showing up on the screen, and that is driving me NUTS.  Am thinking WordPress might be the way to go … and since I’m primarily using Gmail now, I may just cut off Apple from the yearly payments I make for the stuff … but what a pain to import all this again to another new blog.


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