Untitled (Photos of the week, week 5)


Another week, another snow photo. I think these were some kind of wildflowers, several months ago. I like them because they look like little dried daisies, which remind me of summertime.

It’s snowing again, but I probably didn’t have to tell you that.


But it was warm yesterday when I took my walk (relatively speaking), and the sun was out and things were melting a little bit.


Yeah, I’m not sure I’d trust this to save my life.                                        Watch it, buddy …

I’ve been particularly lazy this week. Since I discovered I didn’t have to take a class this term (or ever again), I’ve been reading for fun more. Nothing really spectacularly good, mind you – mostly trash – but  lot of more of it. Last week I was going to start a feature on my blog wherein I listed what I had read that week, giving a quick review. But I guess the laziness started even then, because I couldn’t be bothered to do that, although I had read several books (at least two of which were not trash. Although one of them I had read before, I confess). (Also, I ended last week’s post with a birthday shot of AG, and then it my book review feature seemed not to really go with the rest of the post).

Anyway, this week I have not done so much reading. (The reading I did do was trashy, though). This week I spent a lot of time on Etsy and other websites, looking for dresses and various accoutrements for my sister’s wedding in August. I’m either going to wear this dress or this one at the wedding, depending on how the second one looks when it gets here.  Most likely. I also spent some time looking for inspiration for jewelry to design with the aforementioned dresses.

There’s a lot of cute stuff out there (I pretty much have shoes picked out for both dresses, too. Secretly, I’m hoping the blue dress will look fabulous, and I’ll keep them both, wearing the orange dress to the rehearsal dinner, along with countless other functions to which I’m sure to be invited this summer) . I should probably go back to my plan of doing more reading.


Isn’t this little guy adorable? The dogs and I came across him and some of his fine feathered friends during our walk yesterday. Unfortunately, this was the best shot I got. For some reason, they weren’t eager to stick around for us …


I went to the baptism of my cousin’s daughter today and discovered that I had forgotten to put in the memory card on my camera today after uploading photos yesterday. My camera can save a few photos to its internal memory, so I was okay for the event. This evening when I uploaded the photos to my computer, there were a few on there that I didn’t know about, from New Year’s Day. This was one of them. I believe she’s at Ol’Mexico, but I don’t remember going there on New Year’s.


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