Posts o’the mornin’

When we have our RSS assignment in Internet Legal Research, we require our students to sign up for 5 blogs (last year we required them to sign up for 10, and students found that too onerous).  I currently follow 181 blogs on my Reader, and 222 people on Twitter, ranging from “serious” (and not-so-serious) legal topics, to pop culture, to people who make purses that I like.

Every morning when I get up I have at least 50 blog posts to go through in my reader, and countless other links to interesting things from people I follow on Twitter. Note – I never read them all; I look at the little summaries that I get in my Google Reader gadget on my iGoogle page, and click on some of them and mark the others as read (of course, the posts grow all day long; I continually “weed” my Reader because I hate for it to get too unwieldy. I do try to read all summaries to see if I’m interested enough in a post to continue on).

Some of the posts that caught my eye this morning were:

Let me know if you find any of these interesting!


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