Posts o’the mornin’

Jon Stewart (or the people who write his Twitter/Facebook feed) calls it the “Morning Dump” when he posts links to his previous night’s show. I try to be a little less gauche, if no less punny.

  • In the “Legal History” division:
    • Simon Fodden, Slaw, “Luddites and the Law.” Fascinating piece on the original anti-techies.

      [T]his wasn’t a struggle about hand-made versus machine-made fabric, but rather, as I should have guessed, a fight about factory owners’ bad labour practices at a time of general privation. And a fight it was: at one point the British government had more of the army arrayed against the protesters than it did in the field against Napoleon.

  • In the “Social Media” division:
  • In the “Legal Research” division:
    • Greg Lambert, 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, “Abraham’s Better Way To Wexis Research.” I don’t know how I missed this the other day, but this is an interesting proposal:

      The approach that Abraham suggests is that Wexis should basically do a reference interview of the researcher before asking the researcher to start entering in his or her queries. Such things as:

      • what are the pertinent facts of the case?
      • what jurisdiction?
      • what procedural approaches?

      Read the original here.

    • In the “Holy cats, had I known this would happen, I never would’ve allowed them to take my picture in high school” (a division I hope never to repeat):
    • In the “Public Libraries & Digital Media” division:
    • In the “Pop Culture” division:
      • Amanda Seyfried covering “Little Red Riding Hood.” Although I knew she could sing, because I saw “Mamma Mia,” and so should you. It was FABULOUS; the only thing that made me smile when I was in my first trimester.

    Yes, I do realize that I will have to come up with my own, original content sooner or later! I have started importing posts from earlier this year, so at least you can look at some pretty pictures if you so desire.


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