Here there be dragons (Photos of the week, week 7)

Lego Dragon at the Children's Museum No posts for you today; just photos.

This guy is currently at the Minnesota Children’s Museum, as part of their exhibit on Lego Castle Adventures or something. I love Legos. I hope AG will love Legos. So far she seems to be indulging me on that front, although she wouldn’t stand still long enough to have her photo taken near this guy.

I highly recommend family memberships to this place, by the way. AG loves it. She loves the toddler room (excuse me; we are not to utter the word “toddler” in our house, she has patiently informed us several times that she is a baby), and she adores the water area, where you can make big bubbles and just play in various tubs of water. She stood at one tub for at least 15 minutes with a cup, letting water pour into the cup from a mini fountain, and then pouring it back into the tub. When we said, “Do you want to go play with some other toys?”, she said, “NO! Play with cup!”

Goldfish at the Children's Museum

(I just realized that this post may make it look as though she rules our home with an iron fist. That’s not exactly the case. We just know how to pick our battles. If she wants to be called a baby and play with a cup of water for a while, we’re happy to let these things go).

Anyway, family memberships are a pretty good deal here. They have some static exhibits (like the toddler room and the bubble area), and some which travel (like the Lego thing – the last time I was at the Museum there was a cool Wizard of Oz themed-room going on).

Lego my legos
And at certain times of the year, they have pizza nights, where for $3 a head on Fridays and Saturdays, you can have pizza dinner there (which we did last night; it was also a hit).

My other photos this week are from a walk to the Conservatory with the pups (weather is turning beautiful!), and
Starfish black and white
some frost on my sunroom window. I hope this is the last of this, beautiful as it is.

I leave for Washington, D.C. next Tuesday, so next week I hope to have some lovely cherry blossom shots for you all! Can’t promise that I’ll keep up with daily must-read blog posts, as I will have Paul’s iPad with me, and typing on that thing is kind of a pain and a half. But who knows? I may get so inspired that I can’t help but force myself to peck out words for you.


2 responses

  1. Matthew loves legos…you should bring Aria over sometime maybe she will get the bug (but before you get her hooked, just know they are expensive!).

    • Perhaps I will just keep taking her to places that provide temporary access to Legos … like your house! That also gives me the benefit of not having to keep track of all the little pieces!

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