Monday kerfluffles

286/365 - Shards - 10/13/2010
Have to be kind of quick today; must clean the house before work and start getting ready for my trip. So this will just be a down-and-dirty dusting of posts today. I’ve given them a theme of “kerfluffles.”

  • From the “Local kerfluffles” division: Brett Clark, JDs Rising, Is the the Special Verdict Form to blame for the Johnny Northside verdict? Be careful when drafting your special verdict forms, if you don’t want your jury to come to a contradictory conclusion (in this defamation, intentional interference with contract and tortious interference with prospective economic advantage case, the jury found defendant’s statements true, so not defamatory, but nonetheless found him liable on the interference counts).
  • From the “Law librarian kerfluffles” division: Joe Hodnicki, Law Librarian Blog, A Pound of Flesh: Free Speech in the Context of the Desperate Bargains Made between AALL and the Legal Publishing Industry and Individual Institutional Buyers and Their Vendors (note: if you’re not a law librarian, I don’t think you’ll care about this, although perhaps all librarians who have to deal with vendors will be interested). I don’t completely understand what went on at AALL’s Vendor Colloquium, but I have to admit to feeling stung about all the secrecy behind the meeting. Hodnicki, it seems, was more than stung. And his blog posts about it are full of righteous anger, which leads to some good reading, in my opinion.
  • From the “Idiotic kerfluffles” division (sorry, but there’s no other way to describe the “birther” spat): Westlaw Insider Blog, Obama’s citizenship and “Birther” claims in court.

    On the other hand, the success of these lawsuits is beside the point.
    The point of publicizing claims is to undermine Obama’s legitimacy, not to actually drive him out of office through the courts. In the end, the people who really believe the claims don’t know or care about legal standards; they do, however, vote.


  • From the “More on the Overdrive kerfluffle” division: Wendy Reynolds, Slaw, Kicking into (Over)drive. What are the potential implications of HarperCollins’ 26-checkout limit to ebooks in the legal world?
  • From the “Google vs. China kerfluffle” division: Audrey Watters, ReadWriteWeb, Google Accuses China of Interfering with Gmail Service. I just enjoy a good Google/China quarrel.
  • From the “Internet vs. our brains kerfluffle” division: LISNews, The Shallows — Chapter 5. LISNews is doing an online discussion of the book, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. I was struck by this question posed in their Chapter 5 discussion:

    Can any distraction factors of the Internet be lessened or eliminated by concentrated effort, i.e., is there a digital quivalent of “hunkering down” in the library?

    Something I struggle with every day.


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