Photos of the week, week 8

The Library of Congress is so beautiful.
LOC Ceiling

When taking photos now, I’m leaving them in my camera for a week, rather than uploading them to my computer at the end of every day, like I did when I was doing my Project 365 last year. It’s kind of fun at the end of the week to re-see what I had seen over the week.

This is what it looked like when I left for D.C. last Tuesday:
The day before I left for D.C.

And this is what it looked like upon my return:
Making tracks v

In between, there was some of this:

And a little of this:
DC Botanical Gardens

And very little of this:
Magnolia blossom

Because I was there for a conference, I just didn’t get to do much sight-seeing. However, as I indicated on Wednesday, as part of the conference, I got to take tours of the Law Library of Congress and the LOC,
The Library of Congress
including the LOC’s Main Reading Room, where you’re not supposed to take any pictures, but which is just stunning and peaceful. If I were in law school in D.C., I’d do all my studying there.

(Note – this is not the Main Reading Room).

The nice young man who gave us the tour of the Main Reading Room also showed us the old card catalog, and, when I asked, laughed and said, yes, we could take pictures of that.
Old card catalog

Old card catalog
Unfortunately, I did not have the time to search for a highly appropriate item.

Whenever I’m in D.C., I get the feeling I had when I worked for a judge: like I’m part of something grander than myself. I asked Kimberley, the woman from the Law Library who was in charge of our tours, if she was “used to all this,” gesturing towards the Hill, the Library of Congress, everything. She laughed and said, no, it was still special.

Many thanks to all the government employees at both libraries who took time out of their day (and their lunch!) to give me tours and talk to me about their collections. I sincerely hope the budget stalemate comes out in your favor.


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