Tuesday into Wednesday …

Bridge at Mt. Rainier II

Haven’t felt like posting much since I got back. I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things again eventually (although maybe posting every day was never sustainable for me), but until then …

The theme this morning is compare/contrast.

I have such a love/hate relationship with Google. At ASIL, one of the attendees was talking about how she didn’t trust Facebook for its privacy intrusions, and “that was why she liked Google.” I didn’t have the time to question her on this; it’s pretty clear to me that Google tracks everything you do when logged into a Google account and tries to market accordingly.

Tech Progress had an interesting post tangentially on this topic the other day: You’re Not Google’s Customer – You’re the Product. It’s viewing the issue through an antitrust lens, but I think it gives a new twist on looking at some of these privacy concerns. @kashhill tweeted to something similar yesterday (not on the antitrust question, but part of my own Google/social media dilemma): techdirt’s Is It A Privacy Violation For Companies To Make Inferences About What You Might Like?

The most head-scratching reference request I received Tuesday night: “How much do you think that Wal-Mart class action case is worth?”


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  1. Glad you got that question Tuesday night! Thanks for the switch. (P.S. The last link in your post isn’t working for me…the URL at the bottom seems correct, but when I click, it takes me back to your blog post (or a 404).

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