Middle-of-the-week blues

I’m sure before too long I’ll get bored with exporting my iMap map, importing it into Google Maps, and then embedding it here, but until then …

I took a walk today. I like to trade off runs and walks, and plus, I didn’t want to drag Nuala around two days in a row. Although she was plenty reluctant to get with the program today, as well. Maybe it’s a spring thing – there are too many things that she wants to sniff, and I don’t have the time to stop if she’s not gonna go number one or two.

I’m still not at 3.2 miles, by the way, to my great chagrin. I was sure this little extra jaunt would have to add .5 miles to yesterday’s trip, but obviously not.

I thought I had a rough day today – Wednesdays always seem to be chock-full of meetings, which are draining, and then I had to give a presentation (which I was planning on giving in the library, but the attendees apparently were planning on attending it in an entirely different location – a fact I discovered 15 minutes before the start time), and AG’s being a toddler. As I speak, she’s been going on more than an hour of chattering – sometimes in frustration – to herself, instead of sleeping. Last night it took TWO HOURS before she feel asleep. And then she couldn’t get up until 9:00 this morning, and apparently refused a nap at daycare. I think we need to force her to run laps or something after dinner.

Anyway, then I talked with my mom, who had spent the day moving my grandpa into a memory-care facility (he has Alzheimer’s) that locks the doors, because people with memory issues tend to be “wanderers.” So I decided my day wasn’t so bad after all.

I actually told some law journal students today that a well-Bluebooked citation could be a “thing of beauty” and meant it. They wanted a presentation on citation, so I was trying to think of reasons that one should use the Bluebook (besides “that’s how it’s always been done”) and learn to love it (besides the fact that I like rules and well-organized systems). And really, I do think it’s kind of great all the different things an expertly-Bluebooked citation can tell you. For example:

  • you know right away what kind of authority is being cited, and there is information in that (book vs. law review article, popular journal vs. law review article, legislative material, etc.);
  • if it’s a case, you know something about the level of the court and the attendant authority therein. In a string cite of cases, you know that the first one listed comes from (usually) the most authoritative court;
  • based on the signal (or lack thereof) used (if used correctly), you can tell what the author thought about to what degree that source agreed (or disagreed) with the author’s proposition.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Judge Posner.


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