Saturday evening posts

I have become obsessed with two new things: iMapMyRun and Google Maps. See how I added photos to the map above (click on the little blue flag icon things)? How cool is that? I know Google isn’t probably as benevolent as they’d like us to believe, but I can’t help but love them sometimes.

In the good news department, I finally found a Como-based run that is at least 3.2 miles for tomorrow’s 5K. In the bad news department, it’s almost certainly going to rain tomorrow (and I’m not just talking some little drizzle; Belinda Jensen says we might very well hear sirens going off all over the place), so I won’t be able to do it. My plan B is to do a very exciting 3.2 mile elliptical training in my basement.

I don’t know if people are posting less interesting things, or if I’m just not inclined to re-post as many things as I was earlier now that I’ve come up with my own ideas to write about, but I’ve collected a few from this week to share (and most of them have nothing to do with legal research!):

We took AG swinging today; the first time this season. She LOVES swinging. It’s hard to get her to do anything else while at the park.
It's swing time, baby

The walks there and back (1.05 miles, according to iMapMyRun) were made somewhat more interesting by the (relatively) recent addition of poetry to the sidewalk.

Sidewalk poems


There are a lot more of these in our neighborhood; I swear they weren’t there last year, but Paul says I’m wrong.
Sidewalk poems


At any rate, I’m gonna try to capture them all eventually. Well, maybe not all. Some of them are better than others.
Sidewalk poems

Happy weekend to y’all!


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