Signs of life (Photos of the week, week 10) & WorldWide WordPress 5K

(Not necessarily in that order).

Yay! Although there was a crazy storm last night, and there’s supposed to be another one materializing any moment now, I was able to do my WorldWide WordPress 5K this morning. My time was horrible (40:35), but I am not in racing shape. And neither is Nuala – and she’s unlikely ever to be in racing shape again (actually, Fiona’s probably not in racing shape yet, either. She’s rather portly right now). It’s also hard to really race when you’re only running by yourself. And, of course, there are the frequent potty and sniff breaks that one must take (one of which is marked with a flag on the map above). But that’s okay.

I found a decent route, as you can see (all last week I was thinking a 5K was 3.2 miles, when it is 3.1. None of my astute reader(s) caught that – or at least they didn’t tell me!). There’s plenty of walking time to warm up and cool down before and after I started running. I pretended that everyone else I saw was also running the WWWP5K, which was fun. You can see the rest of the info (elevation, etc.) on my run here.

It was humid. But I was glad to get the run in earlier; it’s hotter and more humid now – only 75 degrees, but I am not used to it yet. We went to REI today and I got a little semi-waterproof pouch that my phone fits in and that I can clip to the dog belt so that I don’t have to wear a jacket to be able to carry my phone, thus ensuring that I can continue to iMap my runs. Hopefully my interest in these new gadgets will result in a return to a more regular workout schedule.

We’ll walk tomorrow.

Here’s the pups at the end of our run:

After the 5K

It’s not a very good shot; it’s hard to take a photo of them with my phone where they both fit in the frame (and/or are looking at me).

And here’s where our finish line was:

View after the #wwwp5k

It’s a labyrinth near the Como Conservatory, right before one crosses the bridge over Lexington.

You can see more recent pics of the route by clicking on the little blue markers in the map above. Most of them were taken yesterday. The iMapMyRun app supposedly has the ability for me to take photos throughout the workout and then place them in the correct spot on the map, but that has only worked for me once. Also, it just means you have to stop more, and my time was slow enough as it was.

In photo news, I think spring is finally here!

This shot was taken on Tuesday or Wednesday; I think all the ice is gone now.

Hidden cardinal
I’m not all that good at taking photos of things that move – especially when I can’t get too close to them.

Lookin' for adventure ...
AG’s ready for a walk.

Signs of life



Crocus! Crocuses! Croci?

Whatever! Happy spring!


2 responses

    • Thanks! I used to do 5Ks and 10Ks with some regularity – several years ago – so it was hard not to be too disappointed in my time.

      Well, that’s not really true; I wasn’t paying that much attention to my time yesterday. But, when properly motivated by competition, I used to be able to do them in almost half the time. Again, though, there weren’t dogs involved.

      I like your blog! I will have to take up more runography – I was already a big proponent of walkography, without even knowing it!

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