Photos of the week, week 11


I’ve downloaded a new camera app on my phone (Vignette) and have been playing with it quite a bit this week. I’m kind of conflicted about these apps from an artistic standpoint – I feel like I’m cheating, since the effects are added by the app. In fact, many of the photos are only interesting because of the effects, which I had nothing to do with.

But I think the results are so cool!


Marydale lake diptych
(The diptych part of this isn’t the app; that was done in Photoshop. More fakery!)

The thing is, there are so many different effects that you can apply, that I often can’t remember which ones I applied to which shots. I was going to try to force myself to only use one effect per day, but I got antsy with that and couldn’t help myself from just trying them randomly.
(This one is called “London.” Or “Paris.” I can’t remember. Something about emphasizing reds. Or yellows.) So don’t ask me what I was doing – camera-wise – when I took these shots.

I can tell you (although I think it’s self-evident here) that my favorite framing effect is the square-size, seemingly-frayed edges (which for some reason is called “Grungy – Instant Transfer 1”).

* * *

In other news, guess what happened Friday night?

It’s all melted now, though, thank goodness.

* * *

I gave AG a purse of mine that I wasn’t using, and she loves it. The other day, she picked it up and said, “I’ma go bye-bye.” “Okay,” I said, “Where are you going to go?”
“I’ma go shoppin,'” she replied. “What are you going to get?” I asked. “I’ma need shoes,” she said. I swear I’m trying actively to avoid imposing traditional gender norms on my daughter.
But I do love shoes. Then again, so does her Grandpa.


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