Photos of the week, week 15

I know I promised y’all a more substantive post, but that’s not happening this week. Am still “favoriting” things in my RSS reader, but nothing is striking me enough to post about it later.

I’m working on a project with some coworkers that will engender an (I hope) interesting post, regarding online legal learning, but I left my notes at work! Just for a teaser: As part of a mini-sabbatical, we’re talking to several law librarians who are teaching legal research classes using various methods of online learning, reading about best practices in online learning, and will come up with proposals/ideas for how to implement online learning components to legal research classes we currently offer (or want to offer). It’s actually been quite fascinating so far – especially the discussions I’ve had with librarians who are currently doing this kind of thing. As somebody who really didn’t like her own online learning experiences, it’s exciting to think of how to do it better.

Also, for those of you interested in my work, I gave a presentation last week (and will give it again this Tuesday) to law students interested in doing the write-on competition to get on to Law Review. The topic is potential research sources that may be useful to them (unlike my write-on competition for Law Review, which was canned research, they have to do their own research from scratch). I did the presentation using Prezi instead of my typical Power Point slides. It was a fairly simple presentation, so it probably didn’t need Prezi, but I wanted to try it out. And some of the students (said they) were impressed. You can see the presentation here.

So, long story short, this week all you get is photos again. I have noticed that when I post photos of AG, I get more hits on my blog, so this week you get two. For those of you interested in the more domestic details of my life, she’s currently sick. Again. Am really hoping this is a less-than-24-hour bug we’ve got here. It would be nice if they simply couldn’t get ill until they were old enough to tell you what was wrong with them. Or until they left the house.

"I'ma smell these flowers."
Ah. We all love spring. I’m not sure if AG is really smelling things, or if she is, what she thinks of them, but she’s always game to try.

Frog pond
A little bit ago during one of my walks, I noticed that the upper area of the Frog Pond near the Conservatory (where the waterfall normally comes out – on the middle left in this shot – under the pergola) is all fenced off. And then a while after that, I noticed that the area where the waterfall is seems to be eroding. I hope they fix it soon. The fence looks terrible and the whole structure looks like it could come tumbling down any moment.

Fiona can be so photogenic. I typically think Nuala is the more expressive of our dogs (probably because she’s the smart one), but Fiona can take a really good shot. Especially when the wind is blowing just a little bit.

I'ma pick the purple flowers
I took AG for a walk yesterday with the dogs (meaning, she rode in the stroller) and we stopped for a little while near the Conservatory. Quite a ways away from the “real” flowers, planted on purpose by the Conservatory employees, I allowed her to pick the “flowers” that grow wild in the park. Naturally, she gravitates to the purple ones – which I think are creeping charlie (granted, the other choice was dandelions – which she’ll also pick, if that’s all there is).

We passed at least three prom groupings during our walk yesterday; this was one of them. Did people look this young when I was in high school?


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