It’s too darn hot! (A post told mostly in tweets)

Oh, what a week it’s been at work! We’re undergoing renovations, so all week we’ve been moving our offices to temporary digs. Then there was a flood on Tuesday (or Monday; I can’t remember) in the basement and everything stunk to high heaven. Then, on Friday, a whole bunch of other crazy stuff happened – mostly the library was noisy because of the  removal of the sheet rock in the basement that was damaged beyond repair (not to mention the renovation noises on the second floor), but there were some other oddities:

But, you know, nothing too terrible, right? On Friday night, though, there was a really bad storm. The rain came down in sheets and buckets for hours. And so:

Things are much quieter on the homefront. Normal stuff, mostly:

But oh, is it HOT.

It was 79 degrees at 6:30 this morning, and that was the low. And there’s about 100 percent humidity, I think. People keep posting, “It’s like a sauna out there!” to Facebook, but it’s really more like a steam room. Come to think of it, I paid good money to belong to a gym that had a steam room. I should go sit outside for 15 minutes and cleanse my pores. Amusingly (?), the people who queried, “Where’s your global warming now?” when temps were below normal in winter, are currently silent, it seems.

So AG and I stayed in most of the day, playing with Play-doh and Little People.

Playing with play-doh

And I’ve been hard at work on the jewelry for my sister’s wedding.

I’ve bought several really pretty clasps recently, and am feeling the beading pull again. Also, it’s just too hot to do anything else.


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