Hanging the books out to dry

Hanging the books out to dry

As I believe I mentioned in an earlier post, the library where I work has recently had some water issues. My boss brought some of the damaged books up from the basement and placed them, fanned out, on the reference stacks. She asked me to go through them if I had a chance and fan them out again, because some of the damp pages are sticking together.

It’s a total cliché, if you’re a librarian, to say you love books (and some librarians get angry if you come up to them and say, “Must be a great job you have, looking at books all day”), but I do love books. I love the feel of books, I love the smell of books, I like turning over a crisp page. I love big, old books with leather covers and gilt-covered edges on the pages. I love looking at the library book cards that you can still find in some older books in some libraries.

Professor Pirsig

These damaged books appeared to be in the Juvenile Justice section (KF9813). One of them had been checked out by Professor Maynard Pirsig, former Dean of the University of Minnesota Law School, and father of the author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I thought that was kind of cool.


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