Beading day

So I spent AG’s naptime today making a bracelet for my sister’s wedding. Thought the process might make a good blog post.

I had pretty much planned out the bracelet several weeks ago:

The plan

But I wanted to string it on silk string, rather than beading wire (the little pearls have holes too small for the beading wire to be able to double-back on it, like you do on the ends when you’re using beading wire). Working with the silk string makes the process take longer for me  – there’s knots to be tied (although I didn’t tie knots between each bead, as that would make the bracelet kind of kinky – just at the very ends and then a little ways into the ends), you have to glue the knots, etc.

Also, I’m really nervous about this bracelet, as Jo will be wearing it at the actual ceremony, with her gown (which I cannot link to just in case her fiance reads this). I’m feeling extra pressure about this, and it was making it hard for me to start working on it for earnest. In fact, I stopped half-way through (it’s going to be a double strand bracelet) in order to make sure she liked it.

Anywhoodle, these are the beads I’m using:

The beads I'm using

Pearls, and just a very few crystals, which I had already make into little danglies.

Making danglies

The danglies

You’re supposed to condition the string before you start.

Conditioning the thread

Supposedly it makes the string stronger, and it helps get out the kinks.

Kinky thread

When you’re ready to go, you tie a knot at the end, add a bead tip, and start stringing. Unlike the bracelet I made last week – where I basically put a bunch of purple beads in a bowl and strung them randomly – I had a pattern for this one: tiny pearl, big pearl, tiny pearl, blue-grey pearl, tiny pearl, and so on, with five crystal dangles strewn in there at approximately equal intervals. The bluish-grey pearls and the crystal dangles are supposed to be the “something blue.” When you get to the end, string a bead tip and tie a knot. Then connect the clasp.

The crystal dangles are what have me nervous. Paul says they look like warts on the bracelet, so you can see why I had to stop and get approval to continue. Also, it seems a tiny bit long to me (7 inches). While I waited for Jo to get back to me on the dangles/length issue, I made earrings for the dress that I’m going to wear:

Earrings for my attendant's dress

Stick around for next week when I make the bracelet I’m going to wear for the wedding.

UPDATE: Although Jo said it was pretty, she wants me to get rid of the danglies (I also have to wait until Monday for her to measure her wrist). I’m kind of sad. Rather than destroying it (I think I can just cut the dangles off, but if it’s too long I’ll have to cut the string), I may keep the strand and make a one-strand bracelet and just start over with Jo’s – anybody want a bracelet?

Almost finished with half


2 responses

  1. Aw. Now I feel bad! I don’t feel strongly about the danglies! I just don’t do a good job of imagining so I couldn’t picture it. I always trust your artistic eye over mine!

    • Don’t feel bad! It’s your wedding and you should get exactly what you want! And I AM worried about it being too big, so I may have to re-do it anyway.

      (Also – I’m wearing the earrings you gave me for the service, not the ones I made above.)

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