Library Day in the Life, Day 2

Top of the stairs
Our always-helpful intern (and my friend) noted to me that a group of Librarians is doing another “Day in the Life” social-media-event-thingys, where “librarians, library staff and library students from all over the globe share a day (or week) in their life through blog posts, photos, video and Twitter updates.” I’ve always wanted to contribute, so here I am. Of course, it started yesterday, so I’m behind a day.

Although, really, you could probably just read this entry twice if you wanted to know what I did yesterday.

So! Today, I worked on an authority check project for a professor who’s writing about LLCs and L3Cs and tax implications (meaning, basically, that I verified that all the sources he used to support his propositions actually said what he wanted them to say). For various reasons, he doesn’t think very highly of L3Cs (I think that the tax implications have something to do with that. Or, that people might not be aware of the tax implications re: LLCs and non-profits). The authority check was not terribly long, but it involved reading and interpreting several IRS regulations and statutes, so it took a while. Also, it involved some rather – ahem! – creative citation formats.

I didn’t work the desk today, but got called down at lunchtime to help a student because the librarian on duty was temporarily away from the desk. The student was doing an authority check of his own for another professor, and needed help finding a U.N. General Assembly Resolution. I was glad I’ve spent a lot of time on the UN website – they have a wealth of official information available on their site – for free! – but I’ve always found their site cumbersome to navigate. I have some hints here, but really should work on a LibGuide that better explains how to use the UN site.

I added, “Create LibGuide that better explains how to use UN site” to my to-do list.

I monitored some alerts I have going re: LLCs for the same professor mentioned above. I monitored other alerts I have going for general interest and for tweeting as my work alter ego, @BurgerLibrary.

I “attended” a webcast  called “The New Generation of Legal Research Databases: Eighteen Months Later,” from the AALL (American Ass’n of Law Libraries) Conference, which ended today. I thought it was going to talk about several different databases, but they really only talked about WestlawNext. The info was interesting, though. Not nearly as many law firms have adopted WestlawNext as have the academic libraries (I think the disparity can be explained in part by pricing issues); it’s difficult to know what to teach the students. I tweeted a lot throughout the presentation (hey, I was not there, so nobody could see me and think I was being rude). This is probably the best quote:

You may recall that my library is undergoing renovations – some planned, some not so much (and there’s been a second flood since that one; we really should write a post about that). Today they put our offices back together, more or less. I took some photos (some of these are from last week).

Stay tuned for tomorrow! Who knows what it will bring?


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