Day in the Life, part trois (mais de quartre jours)

Very high up

The painters and carpet-layers have almost finished with the second floor renovation. Today the painters were painting the triple-story open hallway, which is the first thing you see when you enter the library. This ladder that you see here? It’s perched on the STAIRS. I was very nervous for the painters, but they were joking and tossing things up to each other and listening to classic rock all day. No shushing here!

Today I realized that I started off this project forgetting the etiquette of explaining to y’all who I was and why I am here (or, in the words of the Library Day in the Life Project Wiki, “Include your job title and the type of library you work in at the beginning of your post [and] Explain why you’re capturing your day and link back here, to the wiki”).

So! I’m an academic law librarian (which you may have already noted from my tagline).I am capturing my days this week because (1) it gives me ideas for blog posts, and (2) there may be are a few people out there who wonder what I do all day.

Okay! Among other things,

Today, as my alter-ego Twit, I

It’s kind of a hard line to tread when doing the Tweeting for an entity other than your personal self. I want to be interesting, but don’t want to jeopardize my institution’s reputation (or my job). So I think I might err on the overly cautious side sometimes. The toilet paper thing was pretty racy for @BurgerLibrary.

To aid me in finishing up the Law Review libguide, and in preparation for a citation presentation I’m going to give to them, I read their internal policies and procedures handbook.

I was on the reference desk again today, and I:

  • helped a professor find some congressional reports for something she’s working on regarding the Endangered Species Act
  • aided a student in finding resources on the Minnesota Rules of Evidence
  • helped a student do work on LexisNexis Academic (it didn’t qualify for the Westlaw and Lexis summer time rules)
  • helped an attorney find something on Westlaw (told her about IDEN, my favorite Westlaw database – the database of databases. I hope that doesn’t disappear once WestlawNext takes over the world).

Because the paint fumes were really getting to me, I did a couple of hours of the reference shift virtually – I set up a computer at the reference desk that was already hooked up to Skype (with a webcam) and Meebo (the IM client we use), and went back to my office and waited. But nobody bit. I totally meant to get a photo of the set-up, though, and am bummed that I forgot. However! I’m on the desk again tomorrow, so we’ll all have another chance.
Lower floor painting
Adieu ’til next time, then!

P.S. The moderator (or whatever) of the Day in the Life project has set up a netvibes page that collates a lot of the updates made by contributing library workers. It’s pretty neat if you have a chance.


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