It’s Friday, Friday

Moving back into my officeI’m moving my stuff back into my office. Oh, most of the stuff got moved in by the movers. This was the stuff that was so important to my day-to-day existence that it simply had to go with me to my temporary quarters. I’m sure you can see why.

In addition to moving, I passed along the following information:

  • The MN House of Representative’s Summary of 2011’s New Laws  (alerted to this by the Minnesota Ass’n of Law Librarian’s list serv)
  • The U.S. Code’s website was updated, and Robert Ambrogi posted a review (heard about this from @jasnwilsn)
  • Retweeted Above the Law’s story about the woman who gave birth two hours after finishing the bar exam (early!)
  • From my RSS feed from the MN Courts, told people of Former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice (and Mitchell grad) Esther Tomljanovich’s winning the ABA’s 2011 Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award
  • And welcomed Judge Edward Toussaint to Mitchell’s faculty (which would’ve been much more suave if I’d spelled his name correctly)

I did a lot of sifting through LLC cases and law review articles today. That’s pretty much a standard Friday activity for me, as I’m sure it is for you.

I did another virtual reference shift, but got no questions.

I gave a prof some advice regarding the blog he wanted to start, and how he might consider promoting it. I was quite flattered he asked me, actually.

I am contemplating serving on the Web Committee of an organization. I’m not entirely sure I have the time for it, but I’m kind of excited about the opportunity. I will seriously have to think about it this weekend.

Although it came to me personally (still not exactly sure why she called me), rather than the reference desk, I answered some semi-reference questions about how the public could access our library. Unfortunately, it is a mite more complicated now because of the floods and the renovation. I had to explain to the woman that, parking was free and easy to obtain during the summer, but depending on what she needed, she might not actually be able to access it. I told her she should contact circulation the day she planned to come in, as the books we were physically able to reach in the basement changed from day to day, depending on what work had been done the day before. And that, yes, if she came in when a reference librarian was on duty, we could help her use the subscription databases.

Speaking of which, I finally went downstairs to the site of the mayhem and took some photos, including these:

Is that an exercise ball?
(I think that’s a giant exercise ball).
(In that shot, I think you’re seeing the last gasp of the carpet – the rest of it has all been stripped).

There are more photos of the fixin’ up in the basement in my LibDay7 Flickr set. And you can see video and photos of the damaged area here, in a Flickr set my boss set up for the library.

But you know what the highlight of my day was? Being re-tweeted by @ATLblog:

Retweet from Above the Law Blog

Of course, I mentioned them first, but still! Pretty much the only other response I got to this tweet was somebody responding, simply, “Don’t.” Well, of course I wouldn’t! According to the article (which you really should read; it’s hilarious), “Genitalia is offensive.”

This has been fun, this week! If nothing else, it has taught me that I can blog every day if I really put my mind to it. Of course, I can’t do much of anything else once my kid has gone to bed, but …

‘Til next time!


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