Sis’s wedding bracelet

Finished bracelet

I finished my sister’s bracelet.

Now I’m not terribly happy with it. *Sigh.* I’m not exactly sure what I don’t like about it; it’s lacking some “oomph.” Maybe my expectations were just too high and nothing would have pleased me. Maybe I just need a break from it for a while. Hopefully she will like it; I might have to bring along some crystals and pearls when we head to the wedding.

Bad bracelet

I think what I’m going to do with the one she didn’t like is turn it into a choker – this will be the main, middle part of the choker, and on the ends will just be teeny, tiny, silver beads. I’m not sure Jo will want to wear it – it’s too matchy-matchy with the bracelet and we kind of decided she didn’t need a necklace with her dress. But if she likes it better than the bracelet, at least we’ll have a ready-made alternative.

It’s still quite humid, and the shock of going from the air-conditioned inside to the steamy outside produces some interesting photo effects (hopefully I’m not doing any permanent damage to my camera).




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