Auntie Jo-Jo’s wedding, Part I


Just returned from a trip to Seattle for my sister’s wedding. Exhausted, but happy. I couldn’t have hoped for a better time; everything went off (nearly) smooth as silk.

While I was very nervous for her first plane ride, AG slept almost the whole way there, which was frankly unbelievable to me.
On the way to Seattle

We (my parents, my Aunt V, my husband, AG, and I) rented a house in Seattle. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it had six bedrooms – enough for us as well as for Jo and my cousin L to stay with us a couple of nights, as well. It had a fenced-in back yard (with a grill!) and free wi-fi. It was pretty much perfect.

Friday night we grilled out in the back yard. The weather the whole time was wonderful – it started out real cool and foggy in the morning, but by the afternoon each day it was about 75 degrees and sunny. Did you know there are no mosquitoes in Seattle? Is that not the most marvelous thing?

The next day (Thursday), we all went to the Aquarium.

Touching the starfish

AG loved the starfish and sea horses. My sis liked the jellyfish. I loved the underwater super-villain room (my next home is TOTALLY gonna have one of those). Everybody loved the otters. We also went to Pike’s Place Market – but only just briefly, as we were heading dangerously close to nap time, and most of us were still two hours ahead of ourselves.

Pike's Place

With Auntie Jo-Jo at Pike's Place

Thursday night, after a rousing game of running in the yard from the “water” (actually grass) to smell the flowers and back again (this game was invented by AG and nobody but her was ever really sure exactly what the game was about),
Playin' in the "water"
Paul had this lovely idea to see the sunset over the mountains at Golden Gardens Park. This didn’t work out quite as planned, because sunset is later than bedtime, traffic was bad (apparently traffic is always bad in Seattle), and it was actually pretty cold. But I still got some lovely shots.
Sunset at Golden Gardens Park
Sunset at Golden Gardens Park

Also, we passed this place where they sell giant metal roosters.
Knock, knock ...
See The Bloggess for more on why I found this photo-worthy (note – her blog is not as SFW as mine is).

Friday we pretty much just chilled most of the day. Jo was running errands in the morning, Mom & I took a walk,

and AG and Aunt V went to a nearby park. Jo, Paul and I picked up the flowers and some champagne – that outing was kind of an adventure because the shops were downtown and it was rush hour. Paul was our chauffeur and we dashed in to The Tasting Room Seattle and Young Flowers while he illegally parked in various places in downtown Seattle (“How’d you get around the block so quickly in this traffic?” I asked him after the floral excursion. “Well, when you’re driving on a street that you’re not supposed to be on during rush hour, it’s not so hard,” he replied).

After AG’s afternoon nap, we went over to the place the groom’s family had rented, and had a lovely dinner. The groom has four siblings, and most of them had grown children, some of whom also had children. Most of these relatives were there, and so it was a lively bunch. By this time, our Cousin L had shown up, and so had our Cousin M and her husband and son. It was nice to mingle and meet Jo’s new in-laws, most of whom are apparently AWESOME cooks. The food was scrumptious. I didn’t take any photos of this outing, though.

Stay tuned for the good stuff! (Too many photos for one post).


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