Auntie Jo-Jo’s wedding, Part II

The happy couple

(I forgot about this little aspect of Friday:

Aunt V was teaching AG how to be a flower girl.)

After Jo & I took a run (the same way we began the morning of my wedding, by the way), the day of the wedding started with manis and pedis, naturally.
Enjoying the massage chairs
I’ve never had a pedicure, because I don’t like people touching my feet. Turns out, pedicures tickle, too, so I probably won’t have another one any time soon. The massage chairs we sat in were out of this world, though.
Show me your nails
We went with my mom and two aunts, as well as Cousin L, who acted as photographer. All the photos I took were blurry, due to the massage chair’s excellent massaging.
My mom had clear polish on her toes. Yes, she’s a daredevil, that one.

After the nails, we picked up the cupcakes. Oh, the cupcakes. They were divine, although we didn’t know it yet (if you ever go to Trophy Cupcake in Seattle, be sure to get a chocolate hazelnut cupcake. Out of this world, I’m telling you). Also, I purchased a pashmina shawl at the little mall where we got the cupcakes, because it turns out that Seattle in the evening in August is cooler than St. Paul is.

Before the beheadings
After lunch, we had to de-petal the grocery-store roses Jo bought for the flower girls to scatter.
Lara among the roses
(Cousin L is pretending to be an Anne Geddes baby).

Then it was off to the reception site for those of us who were not taking naps!

Lara setting up the guest book table
Cousin L sets up the guest book table.

Trying to figure out my dress
Mom helps me get ready. I’ve briefly mentioned my dress before; it’s a wrap dress that I found on Etsy.  It’s a circle skirt, with two thick straps attached to it. The straps are about 7 feet long, so you can wrap them around yourself in 17 different ways or something. Unfortunately, I was not adept at any of those 17 different ways, so Mom had to help me get the straps flat. I took longer to get ready than Jo did.

The dress(es)
Jo with the flower girl.

The wedding party
The wedding party. From left to right: Best Man (Groom’s bro), Groom’s mom, Flower girl #1 (Groom’s niece), Groom AK, Jo, Dad, me with Flower girl #2, and Mom.

Heading for the ceremony
On their way to the ceremony!

AG did not scream and cry and throw a fit while walking down the aisle, so we’re calling this a win. She did threaten to refuse to walk down the aisle (she stopped upon seeing all the people, turned to Nicky, one of the guests, and exclaimed, “I don’t want to go there!”), but Nicky used his Southern charm and managed to encourage her to “Go to Mama.” She didn’t drop any petals on her way there, however, despite the practice she’d had the previous day. When she got to me, she started dumping out her flowers at the altar. You can see her singing and dancing along to the processional music, as well as her reaction to Jolene’s appearance in the video Paul took:

It’s a good thing Jo wasn’t overly concerned about informality!

Dancing queen
Obviously, she ended up having a great time, like everybody else.

K & M
K, one of Jo’s good friends from college, with her son, M.

Jo’s best friend from high school.

Dancin' the night away
Dancin’ the night away.

Sunday was a day of rest. K and her spouse and son came over to the rental to play with AG. This was a great thing, because I had rented a tub o’ toys that we had not used at all.

After they returned all their rental stuff, A and Jo came over to open up gifts.

Look! They got their own metal rooster!
Look! They got their very own miniature Beyoncé!

Jo and AG wearing some of the wrapping ribbons, which AG referred to as their “princesses.”

So, all in all, I think the whole trip was a huge success. I could not be happier for my little sister, who deserves all the best in the world!


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