It’s dollars to donuts | That our state fair | Is the best state fair in our state

And those would be mini-donuts, thank you very much!

Labor Day at the Fair

Happy Labor Day, from the people who brought you the weekend

We spent Labor Day morning at the Minnesota State Fair.

Red Bull TM on a stick

Red Bull on a Stick?

After our bike ride over, Paul started the morning with breakfast on a stick (AKA “Breakfast Lollypop”). Perhaps next year we will try the mac ‘n’ cheese on a stick. I am curious, I admit.

Breakfast Lollypop

AG was in favor of this. Probably because there was maple syrup involved.



Then we headed straight for the baby animals barn. AG got to pet a piglet (didn’t get a good shot of that), a lamb,
Lamb and a goat (didn’t get a good shot of that, either).

We then moved on to her favorite event of the day:


This guy's name is Dante. Naturally.

This is Garth. OMG PONIES!!!His owner is 5 years old. Unfortunately, I do not have a shot of her with him. She had a sparkly fluffy lead and pink cowboy boots.

He also seems to have grey hair in his braided mane.OMG PONIES!!!

Of course, we had to try some of the fair’s gastronomic delights.

How very Minnesotan

How very Minnesotan

Not that one, though.

Somewhere in here we got cheese curds, which I know sound disgusting, but they are so good. I didn’t take a photo of them, alas.

French Fries.

You'll find this hard to believe, but AG disdained the fries, as well.

Stick on a stick

She's eating stick on a stick. How very meta.

Strawberry rhubarb malt
This is a strawberry rhubarb malt. Or, as I like to call it, “Paradise in Dairy Form.” I think this flavor is new this year; typically I get raspberry. In my opinion, a stop in the dairy barn for a malt totally makes the whole trip to the fair worthwhile. I made a foolish rookie mistake this time though, and ate too many french fries. Thus, sadly, I was unable to finish my malt. (Do not worry – Paul finished it for me. Always taking one for the team, he is).

AG refused to even try my malt.
She seemed to enjoy her chocolate/vanilla cone, though.

Dippin' Dots

How can it have been the "ice cream of the future" for the last 30+ years?

It was surprisingly uncrowded when we arrived around 9:30 – I thought Labor Day would be much busier. It did start to fill up around noon, however.


Teaming hoards

And we had to get AG home for a nap, anyway. We probably should’ve gone over earlier. I hate crowds, and usually try not to eat food that is terribly bad for me, but I just love the state fair, for some reason. And today was such a beautiful day; sunny, but not hot.

Deep fried Twinkies

If they can't put it on a stick, they'll deep-fry it. Or is it the other way around?

Doesn't chicken kind of come on a stick already?

Doesn't chicken kind of come on a stick already?

Deep fried pie

"100% deep fried goodness," indeed.

Summit on a Stick?

Beer on a stick?

A perfect end to summer. Now may a gorgeous fall last for five months.


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