Dress Up


Okay, so I used to really love dressing up for Halloween, but for the last few years just haven’t been feelin’ it. We just yesterday decided to go to a Halloween party on Saturday, and I have nothing to wear.

But! I do have a graduation gown from my recent graduation. And, really, when am I ever going to wear that again? So, I figure, if I can find myself a witch’s hat and fashion some kind of wand, I’m all set to go as Somebody in Harry Potter. Who? I don’t know; never read the books or saw the movies. But, I’m sure somebody in one of ’em wore a black robe and a pointed hat.

Or, I could probably be a judge. The robe looks like a judge’s robe, too. Maybe I could get some fishnet stockings and go as a sexy Judge Posner.

I’m not sure anybody would get it.

Or how ’bout Doris Day O’Connor? That would be funny. Wouldn’t that be funny?

Paul says that would not be funny.

Alas, whatever happens, my shoes will not look this kick-ass, of that I’m pretty sure.


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