Comfy Fall Work Outfit

Comfy Fall work outfit

I think I’ll have to add that dress and that jacket to my wishlist.

I feel the need to point out that I own very few of the items in the Polyvore sets I create; creating them gives me a guaranteed blog post a week for what I’ve tagged my “Fashion Friday” posts. Plus, it’s just fun to play virtual dress-up.

Funny story about the watch in this set, though: I asked for it for Christmas one year. But my email was responding to a question regarding what Paul wanted for Christmas, so my parents bought him the watch. Which he then gave to me (sorry, Mom and Dad!). Then, it disappeared. I’m not kidding; I have no idea what happened, but the watch simply vanished. So – be aware of that if you decide to purchase one for yourself – it may be a poltergeist watch.

I’ve never been a boots person, but thanks to the various searches I’ve undertaken in my Polyvore addiction, I’ve found a few of them that are quite nice. As I don’t wear leather in real life, neither do my Polyvore ensembles contain leather (except for a purse or two that I thought were faux leather and later found out they were not) – I’ve been surprised that I’ve found any non-leather boots that don’t look like hot fried ass (of course, who knows what they look like in person; that’s one of the beauties of Polyvore).

Also, I really wanted to include these Tiffany & Co. onyx earrings, but alas, they were not clippable with Polyvore.


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