Fall running gear

Fall running apparel

Actually, it’s getting too cold for this …

How come, even though I’m basically wearing this exact outfit (down to the hat – yes, it does say “Mt. Rainier” on it), I don’t look nearly this well-put-together? I believe it has something to do with the fact that I only ever buy running gear when it is on sale. That stuff is expensive! So I have bright red and purple (not the same pair!) Northface running pants, bright orange propylene shirts, and a lime green jacket (that, actually, is less loud than the one above).

I’m not so much running with the dogs lately as walking with them. Nuala has been quite sick, and before we had completely figured out what the problem was, she had lost more than 10 pounds and was very weak. She’s improved (she basically has doggy Crohn’s disease), but I still can’t really run with her. She was kind of turning into a less-than-reliable running partner even before this; it was not so much that she outright refused, but you could tell she’d much rather amble along and smell things, and she seemed to be baffled as to why anyone would disagree with her on this point.

So, we walk. But that’s okay; we walk fast. Because it’s cold.


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