You may have missed

Things that caught my eye this week …

  • ecouteurre, Eco-Friendly “Texting” Gloves Keep Gadget Lovers’ Fingers Warm. So indulgent. But who among smartphone users hasn’t sometimes tried to use one’s cellphone whilst wearing gloves, only to forget that it doesn’t work? Plus, they’re fair-trade, so it would almost be negligent not to get a pair. I can’t decide if the different-colored tips are cool or silly-looking, though.
  • Case Clothesed, Shoe Addiction. This is my new favorite blog. It’s on fashion law! So it gives me something legal-related to tweet about from my work Twitter account, but something that is interesting, different, and might catch students’ eyes. This particular post is about an especially inventive group of drug runners (or dealers – is there a difference between these professions?) who were smuggling cocaine by forming it into the shapes of shoes. Manolos, natch.

I’m thinking the folks at WestlawNext, Lexis Advance, Bloomberg Law and IntelliConnect might learn something about providing law librarian created video tutorials of their very expensive online legal search services that are not tainted by their marketing departments.

They couldn’t be any worse than many of the ones I’ve seen from the vendors, which are pretty horrible. We’ve created quite a few short tutorials for our students on electronic resources, though, and I wonder how much the students use them, when it seems we put a lot of time and effort into them. You can lead them to water …

  • 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Is a Ghost Tweeter the Answer? I don’t really personally care whether Ashton Kutcher’s tweets are his own or his publicist’s, as I didn’t follow him before and am not going to start following him now. If I were one of his followers, though, I would’ve unfollowed him after this, because the point of following individuals – versus a brand – is, to me, to get the individual’s thoughts and opinions.

But for a law firm? Yeah, I can see having tweets vetted, at least. It depends on what the point of your twitter account is, I think. Are you spreading news of general interest (about your firm or legal issues your firm is concerned with)? Then it probably doesn’t matter if it has much of a personal viewpoint.

This is kind of how I approach the library’s twitter account: I try to inject some personality into it, because otherwise – ugh! how boring, both for me and my followers – but I don’t think you can really tell where I stand on issues, or anything really about me, personally, like you can with my personal account. Anybody at the library could take up the library account and the change probably wouldn’t be noticed.


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