Up North

I know this isn’t November 15, but I didn’t like the prompt for today (give a list of every one of my crushes and describe one of them in detail? No thanks), so I’m using this one.

By the shores of Gitche Gumee

Every summer my family would go “Up North” for a week. We’d typically stay in a cabin at a resort on the Gunflint Trail, near the beginning of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. So my love for the place is probably inextricably linked with a desire to reclaim my youth or something. But, seriously, it’s great Up North. The places we stayed never had any telephones, or TVs – and, of course, we didn’t have cell phones or smartphones, so we truly felt “away from it all.” (Well, as away from it all as you could feel while still having electricity and indoor plumbing. I’d forgo electricity, but never indoor plumbing, on a week-long vacation with the family). It smelled like pine trees and freshly-chopped wood, and the loons and the lapping waves lulled you to sleep at night.

This photo is of Lake Superior, in Grand Marais, which is a wonderful artsy-fartsy, probably too-commercial-but-still-lovable town right before you enter the Gunflint Trail. I love it there, too.


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