Oh the weather outside is frightful …

A light dusting.

…so you might as well stay inside and do some reading! Things that caught my eye this week:

  • The Hairpin, Unsolicited Endorsement: Doodle Dot Com. I totally want to plan an event with a group of people now. Anybody want to do something?
  • Martha Stewart, Perfect Macaroni and Cheese. O M G, how good does this sound? But also, it sounds kind of like a pain in the ass. Pre-making a white sauce with flour and starch? But if someone wants to make this for me, I will eat it.
  • ecouterre, Jambu’s “Volt” Heated Boot Keeps Feet Warm, Illuminated. “Each pair comes with its own on-board ignition switch, a heating plate that reaches up to 22º Fahrenheit, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for dual-source charging. With just one touch, you can keep your insoles toasty for five consecutive hours, as well as activate the piped lighting for extra nighttime security.” Heavenly! And they look like a more stylish Moon boot (I think this is a good thing). But they’re $333. Still! Toasty toes! All the time!
  • Clients from Hell blog. “I want a design that will appeal both to the ‘ironic-mustache’ crowd, and the ‘thug-life tattoo gangster’ crowd. Got that?”
  • Texas Employment Law Blog, Does Your Employer Own Your Twitter Account if You Tweet from Work? Ah, but what if you use HootSuite and before you go to work, you schedule all your tweets to appear throughout the work day? What then?
  • In Custodia Legis: Law Librarians of Congress, The THOMAS Starting Point. I believe I have already discussed my love of the Library of Congress elsewhere. And the Law Library of Congress has the best blog. They seem to have such interesting and varied jobs. This photo of the “‘homepage’ or starting point” of the THOMAS site from its debut in 1995 is awesome. (THOMAS is the Library of Congress’ site where you can track legislation. But you already knew that. Or at least, you should’ve.)

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