Scenes from a Sunday

Apparently there was a Zoo Parade this morning to start our day off right.

"Zoo parade"
I was sick earlier this week, and we had stain put on our new windows, which didn’t help my congestion, so I simply could not get up this morning. Thus, I missed the setting up of the parade.

Portrait of the artist as a young girl.
AG has been very into coloring the last couple of days. Paul is doing a mad sorting through crap and found a bunch of highlighters. AG has only used crayons and those special pens that only make marks on paper designed for the pens, so this was very exciting for her.

Dogs at play
I always wonder what the dogs think about the changing seasons. Do they notice? Do they think it’s odd that one day there’s no snow, the next day there is? Fiona seems to like it more than Nuala does.

As I said, Paul is doing some serious cleaning, clearing, sorting and tossing. He found a box of these.


We have this diamond-shaped cutout windows on our back door. I always think I’ll get a neat artsy-fartsy shot through them. I’m always wrong.


Picnic, anyone?

Yeah, it snowed yesterday. Even though it’s late November, I still somehow feel betrayed by this. I’ve heard it’s supposed to get into the 50s later this week, but I’m planning on not seeing grass ’til next April.


Because of the stain smell, we have many of our windows open a bit. I’m trying not to think about our heating bill for this month. Thomas loves being able to sniff the air to find out what’s going on outside.

Keeping warm by the heating vent
Mo’s been spending most of her time these days in front of a heating vent. That’s okay; at 20, she’s earned it.

Laundry Day
Sunday is Laundry Day. ‘Nuff said.


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