NaBloPoMo, Day 21: On Passion

Meh. I remain unimpressed with Ms. Lake’s NaBloPoMo prompts. Nothing against her – I’m sure she’s a lovely person – but my gut reaction to her prompts is to go on a rant about how the less privileged among us (and I’m pretty privileged!) just don’t have time and resources to worry overmuch about “passion projects” and the quality of our family time.

Okay! Having gotten that over with … well, no, I’m not really pursuing a passion project right now. I’m pursuing a career that I enjoy, but I don’t think I’d call it a “passion.”

I would say, though, that parts of my job – moments in the day, individual projects – are “fulfilling on many levels,” though. When I track down a tricky source for a prof, see a lightbulb go on in a patron’s head at the reference desk, really connect with the students in a class – that’s immensely gratifying. But it’s work, too, you know? It’s not all fervor and self-actualization, M-F, 9-5 (or 10:30-5, in my case).

I’m not entirely sure how Ricki Lake is defining “passion project,” but I think it’s the rare one among us who get to pursue our passions at that level (I believe here she is referring to a documentary that she produced). I will admit to being similarly lucky, however, in that I am able to be compensated for doing something that, for the most part, I find interesting, challenging, and, well, fun.


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