Instagramming the Conservatory

AG and I went to the Conservatory at Como Park today.

See the fishes?
AG loves the koi pond.

Koi pond Lomo-fi.

Sunken Garden Hudson
It was the tail end of the Fall Flower show – they’re changing it out over the next couple of days.

Sunken Garden X Pro II
I always like when we get there early enough so there are very few visitors yet.¬†Unlike last time, though, we weren’t the only ones in the Sunken Garden room.

Fern room reflections I
I went a little crazy in the Fern room. I love reflection photos.

Fern room reflections 2
And the water was so still, you could see the ceiling reflected perfectly in it.

Fern room reflections 3
I just thought it was a really cool juxtaposition of the organic and the mechanical.

Fern room reflections 4


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