Instagramming the Conservatory

AG and I went to the Conservatory at Como Park today.

See the fishes?
AG loves the koi pond.

Koi pond Lomo-fi.

Sunken Garden Hudson
It was the tail end of the Fall Flower show – they’re changing it out over the next couple of days.

Sunken Garden X Pro II
I always like when we get there early enough so there are very few visitors yet. Unlike last time, though, we weren’t the only ones in the Sunken Garden room.

Fern room reflections I
I went a little crazy in the Fern room. I love reflection photos.

Fern room reflections 2
And the water was so still, you could see the ceiling reflected perfectly in it.

Fern room reflections 3
I just thought it was a really cool juxtaposition of the organic and the mechanical.

Fern room reflections 4


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