Heirlooms and Family

There’s only three days left in NaBloPoMo and I almost quit today. I have a few heirlooms I could write about, but decided to write about the ring my great-aunt left me, which had belonged to her (I think) aunt – therefore, it was my great-great aunt’s ring. I think it was an engagement ring, but I’m not sure of that.

Anyway, I wanted to take pictures of the ring to go with the post. But, because of work and family (still haven’t done the dishes from dinner, and it’s almost 10:00!), I didn’t get going on this post until after AG went to bed (around 8:30).

Turns out, it’s more difficult than I realized to get good photos of a ring.

Great-great Aunt Ella's ring

Note - this is not a good photo.

Diamonds aren’t really my thing – don’t like the various and sundry unsavory politics and human rights violations that go along with them nowadays – but this is an heirloom, so I don’t feel guilty about it.

To me, personally, it’s meaningful because it reminds me of my Tanta, whom I loved very much, and also because of its connection to a relative whom I’d never met.

Aunt Ella

I don’t know how she got the ring – was it passed on to her from somebody earlier, or was it her engagement ring? – and I’m not sure why she gave it to my great aunt. I do know that Aunt Ella’s son, Willis, was killed on Iwo Jima (curiously, I can’t find an obit for her – her husband’s is here), and she had no other children (I’m sort of surprised to learn from that obituary that they were Lutheran – Tanta was a very staunch Catholic).

My Tanta was sort of the amateur genealogist of the family – she knew everybody and all their connections – and I regret not asking her more questions about our family.


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