NaBloPoMo Co[mpletion]

I know yesterday was officially the end of NaBloPoMo, but yesterday was Wordless Wednesday, and I’m apparently anal about my named blogging days (crap! That reminds me that I’ve got to come up with a Fashion Friday for tomorrow).

So – what did I learn from this month’s worth of posting something to my blog every day?

  • that, when one has a (almost) full-time job outside the home and a family inside the home, 24 hours is not enough time to create a truly scintillating piece of writing. I had some ideas for more substantive posts, but I just never had the time to really write them – well, anyway – within a day.
  • that I would benefit from some judicious editing (I guess this is a corollary of the first point).
  • that it’s hard to come up with things to write about every day – but that I can do it, if pressed.
  • that writing a post every day really does increase traffic to my blog (the number of blog hits in the first full week of November was  almost four times higher than the week before).
  • that more people come to my blog from Facebook than Twitter or Google+.
  • that apparently people (okay, probably just one person) in Korea are coming across my blog via Google Korea (although maybe s/he isn’t really in Korea, but is just using Google Korea).
  • that I really need to explore other peoples’ blogs more, and comment more on them. I really like getting comments on my blog, and others probably do, too.

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