Tops in 2011

Okay, am doing some tops lists to round out 2011. Not feeling the self-improvement thing, so am not going to do any reflecting or resolving.

My 10 favorite blog posts of the year, based on going back through my Saturday Evening Post posts, and other things that I actually remembered to “star” in my Google Reader, and in no particular order:

  1. ecouteurre, 18 Vegan Shoe Brands That Are Eco-Friendly and Ethical, to Boot. Because it’s always tough to find good, leather-free shoe alternatives.
  2. Past Imperfect, William Shakespeare, Gangster. Because I think this was the post that introduced me to the Smithsonian’s Past Imperfect blog, which you really should read. Fascinating, awesome, and history, all in a blog!
  3. Shorpy, Dinner Time: 1909. Because Shorpy is another incredible blog you should start following, and because this particular post has some amazing history tracked down in it.
  4. Tame the Web, Post-Master’s Certificate Program Designed for Lifelong Learner. Because sometimes, to mine and my spouse’s chagrin, I dream of going back to school. (Don’t worry, I won’t. Probably.)
  5. Read Write Web, Syria Shuts off Internet. Because it simply amazes me that countries can do this. And it amazes me to learn what citizens do to bypass such restrictions.
  6. The Chronicle of Higher Ed., What You Don’t Know About Copyright, but Should. Because, boy, you’d think law profs would really understand copyright – particularly with regards to their own scholarship! But you’d be wrong.
  7. Three Geeks and a Law Blog, The Law Firm / Law School Disconnect. Because this is what much of my work life seems to be about lately.
  8. The Dinner Files, Chocolate Chip Cookie Secrets. Because this blog is written by a childhood friend of mine, with whom I reconnected via Facebook last year. And – chocolate chip cookies!
  9. Pegasus Librarian, What I Learned from the Reference Interview About Solving Problems. Because this woman has my dream job – working at the library of my alma mater – and because it’s true that “‘the reference interview’ is really code for ‘figure out what the person really needs, especially when they ask for something else.'”
  10. The Bloggess, And That’s Why You Should Learn to Pick Your Battles. Because this post made me laugh harder than anything else in 2012.*

*Might be a slight exaggeration. But it is funny.

My 10 favorite Twitter posts of the year, in chronological order (this is based on going back and looking at my Favorites today, not including anything I may have re-tweeted. Twitter doesn’t make it easy for you to do this look-back kind of thing!):

But enough about what I liked in 2011! What did others like about me?

My 10 most popular posts on this blog (actually in order from most-to-least popular! Though there are some ties in there):

  1. Auntie Jo-Jo’s Wedding, Part II
  2. I just love her expression here
  3. Auntie Jo-Jo’s Wedding, Part I
  4. OMG, They still have these? 
  5. Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!
  6. Good morning, starshine
  7. Library Day in the Life, Day 2
  8. Favorite Summer Outfit
  9. D.C. Recap
  10. It’s Dollars to Donuts …

My most popular tweets (BTW, somebody should come up with an app that gives you your top retweets. This was cumbersome. And I’m not even completely sure it’s totally correct. Also, it’s in chronological order, rather than most popular order. At any rate, a “most popular” for me could  equal two retweets. I’m no aplusk):

(I got Jon Hodgman’s twitter handle wrong on this one; it’s @hodgman).

Despite Facebook’s much-touted Timeline, where one can view everything about me (everything recorded on Facebook, anyway, so, you know, everything important) from the beginning of time, and despite the fact that I know they track it, I can’t figure out an easy way to show you my most-commented-upon/liked crap I posted on Facebook. So, you’re spared that.

I’m also gonna spare you my most liked/shared items on Polyvore and Pinterest, because, really? I’m getting kind of ridiculous here.

Hope 2012 is spectacular for all my readers. Not sure what it has in store for me, yet!


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