You may be interested …

Utility Pole Sign, Seen on Walk

Things that caught my eye this week (besides the above sign, stapled to a utility pole, that I saw this afternoon on my walk):

  • ecouterre, 7 Eco-Friendly (And Mostly Vegan!) Winter Boots to Conquer Snow, Slush. I cannot believe the good luck I’ve had this winter, snow-wise – in that there’s really not very much of it. Of course, I feel guilty about enjoying it so much, because I worry that it may be due to global climate change, but other than that, I’m loving it. Still, it can’t last forever, and although I’m not currently in the market for new boots, I like to know what my options are.
  • The Muppets, Never Ending Mahna Mahna Phenomena. Do you like the Muppets? Of course you do! Do you like “Mahna Mahna“? Well, what kind of Muppet fan would you be if you didn’t? Would you like to join the Muppets and various other peeps in creating an infinite loop of Mahna Mahnas? Add your voice! Once I can get AG to say “Mahna Mahna” instead of “Namah Namah,” I’m totally gonna put that kid on the stage.
  • GOOD, The Five Worst Environmental Pollutants in Your Beauty Products. Gulp. Time to go check labels on my soap and stuff.
  • This American Life, Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory. This story just makes me feel like a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad person. It’s about where our electronics come from and the the deplorable working conditions therein. Of course, it aired right as my husband’s new computer (a birthday present from moi) was delivered. Ugh. I wasn’t able to hear Part II on the radio – I am hoping it gives some suggestions as to what to do about this situation (considering I already have the electronics).

The class that I teach (Internet Legal Research) starts next week, and thus things have been hectic at work in class planning. I’m sure I’ll be thinking mostly about that subject pretty much all the time the next few weeks, so my upcoming posts may reflect that.


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