Today went by ridiculously fast. So I think this post will, too.

First thing in the morning was our Internet Legal Research class. My colleague was presenting this week, so I didn’t have to do much for it. (I’ll be presenting the next two weeks, lest you think I’m sitting on my duff around here).

Does anybody know what to do about students who think that legal research should be easy?

I’m just gonna leave that there. I started out writing much more on this topic, but thought I’d better keep my mouth more shut right now. I will tell you my immediate response was, “Well, if it were easy, why should somebody pay attorneys to do it?”

In fairness, I do know that they are busy and have to make decisions about where they are going to spend their time. And my class is pass/fail. BUT. Legal research is not easy. Or at least, doing it well, effectively and efficiently, isn’t easy. And I can’t make it easy. (I try to make it fun, but I sense I’m tilting at windmills here …)

Anyhoo, then I was on the desk this afternoon, and we had our bi-weekly reference meeting during that time, as well. We discussed our upcoming ABA site evaluation visit. And a couple of other things. I asked the question I posed above, for example.

I answered some reference questions after that, but didn’t tweet them, so I don’t remember know what they were! One involved, and then that student and I segued into other free legal research resources the student could use once he graduated. I first told him to make sure he checked out his local county law libraries, and his bar association. Then I showed him the ABA Full-Text Online Law Review/Journal search engine, which is pretty cool.

Oh! I also showed a student the best way I could think of of finding ALL the published family law decisions from the Minnesota courts from last year. It involved West’s KeyNumber system.

I may have forgotten to add my patrons to the statistics sheet. Oops.

Then, I worked on my “Twitter for Attorneys” presentation that I’m going to be giving in my boss’s class tomorrow.

One day left in LibraryDayInTheLife. Although, I work on Saturday, too, so maybe I can extend this blog posting streak I’ve got going …


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