Gala Night Out

This outfit doesn’t look like it has anything to do with LibDay8, but oh, it does, because tomorrow is my office’s Winter Gala, and this is what I wish I were going to wear. Alas, I do not own any of these items.

As for work today, it was another whirlwind day, it seemed. I gave a presentation in my director’s “Tech Tools for Lawyers” class about Twitter for Lawyers. I talked about why lawyers might want to be on Twitter, what other lawyers/entities are on Twitter that might be of interest, how to find interesting people to follow, the kinds of things lawyers might want to tweet, and some of the ethics issues to be aware of with regards to social media. I think it went pretty well. The class is using #WMCLTech as a hashtag, if you’re interested in following their progress (or joining the conversation – I’m sure they’d welcome unexpected voices to the discussion).

I then had a bi-yearly check-in with my boss, to make sure I wasn’t going crazy and still had things to do.

And then I finished inserting all the photos and updating random things on the Newsletter for my local law librarian association.

I work tomorrow, and may tweet about things going on as a Saturday Librarian. Otherwise, ’til next time, dear readers! Happy Friday!


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