Monday Miscellany

Earl Warren

I don’t drink coffee – too bitter. I drink tea.

Johann von Neumann
I drink a lot of tea.

Charles Dudley Warner

I've never even heard of this guy

And I don’t know who decided that tea-drinkers would benefit from pithy little sayings along with their morning tea,
Paul Valery
but I’m kind of glad s/he did, because nearly every morning (and, let’s face it, afternoon, because one needs tea again around 2:30ish) it presents me with a new photo opportunity.
Sara Clayton
I’m gonna have to start being loyal to a new brand, though, because I keep running into the same sayings over and over.
Horace Walpole
(For more, if you’re interested, see my “Tea Bag Wisdom” set on Flickr. It looks like I’ll be adding to it fairly regularly).


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