For your enjoyment …

Ugh. It’s too darn hot. Perhaps you’d like to peruse some things that I found interesting on the web this week?

  • ReadWriteWeb, OpenSky is Pinterest For Shopping (But Wait, There’s More: Frictionless Sharing!). I love shopping on the internet, but I don’t think I’m going to sign up for this thing (also, isn’t Pinterest “Pinterest for Shopping”? I thought I read all those blog posts about how retailers were getting significant traffic from Pinterest). I friggin’ hate frictionless sharing. Mostly posting this because it reminded me of something I heard about on MPR yesterday – I can’t remember what program – a service called “” that is intriguing to me.

    OWN IT:

    You create valuable data every day.

    And yet, it seems like everyone but you has access to your data. Take control of your digital life and own your private information by storing it in a single place you can access anywhere: a secure data vault.

    And what, you might say, does this have to do with shopping? Well, on the radio program, they were saying something about how you could sign up with the service and put in your preferences, sizes, etc., and retailers would contact you with deals, instead of you contacting them. But now that I try to search for the radio program to get the full deets, I’m not finding it, and I may be mixing up social media sites here. But still – doesn’t that sound cool?

    *Sigh.* I really gotta do a social media audit and figure out what I got goin’ on out there and what I want to do with it all.

  • ReadWriteWeb, Avoiding Password Breaches 101: Salt Your Hash. In response to the LinkedIn password breach. This – perhaps combined with – may help me to re-think my whole password situation.
  • Ecouterre, Goodebox Delivers Eco-Friendly Beauty Samples to Your Door Every Month. Okay, so my “beauty routine” pretty much consists of slapping on some sunscreen-enriched moisturizer, but some of you may be interested in this. I think if it were $5/month, rather than $16, I’d be seriously tempted. I loves me some good-smelling lotions and hair products.
  • beSpacific, A Study of “Churn” in Tweets and Real-Time Search Queries (abstract and link to article).

    The real-time nature of Twitter means that term distributions in tweets and in search queries change rapidly: the most frequent terms in one hour may look very different from those in the next. Informally, we call this phenomenon “churn”. Our interest in analyzing churn stems from the perspective of real-time search. Nearly all ranking functions, machine-learned or otherwise, depend on term statistics such as term frequency, document frequency, as well as query frequencies. In the real-time context, how do we compute these statistics, considering that the underlying distributions change rapidly? In this paper, we present an analysis of tweet and query churn on Twitter, as a first step to answering this question. Analyses reveal interesting insights on the temporal dynamics of term distributions on Twitter and hold implications for the design of search systems.

    I’m not sure I’ll actually read this. But I feel I should.

  • ReadWriteWeb, Millennials: They Aren’t So Tech Savvy After All. (I’m really RWW heavy this week. Y’all should totally follow this blog; it’s quite useful and informative.) One of these articles seems to come out every six months or so. Seeing as how one of the things that most excited my Internet Legal Research students last term was learning about “Ctrl-F,” I can’t say I disagree with many of the findings here.

Stay cool out there, guys!


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