Tea for Tuesdays

Welcome to a new (weekly (maybe?)) feature!

I don’t like coffee, I like tea. The above tea is what I drank with breakfast this morning. It’s a custom blend I made in early 2010 from Adagio Teas that I called: coco choco chai. It’s a blend of coconut black tea, chocolate chai, and almond black tea.

Gosh, it still sounds good, doesn’t it? (Hey, I never claimed my taste in tea was sophisticated).

But it really isn’t, not so much. I’m not as good as the people on Steepster (a social media hub for tea lovers that I just discovered this weekend and have already spent a good amount of time perusing and creating new tea shopping lists on) at explaining tea tastes, but it kind of tastes like twigs. And dirt.

Of course, that could be because it’s more than two years old (does tea go bad? I should probably know that …)



So I added some Roobios Caramel (also from Adagio). Definitely improved the taste – made it creamier.

Or that could’ve been the Almond milk I added to it.



Anywhoodle, welcome to Tea for Tuesdays! What did you drink today?


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