I’ve had glasses since I was eight and I pretty much loathed them. I got contacts when I was sixteen and wore them pretty much exclusively until I was in my mid-thirties or so (so, you know, last year). For some reason, my eyes can’t tolerate them any more. I blame a computer-intensive job, but who knows? Every year my eye doctor tells me there are fancy-dancy new contacts for sensitive eye-peeps, and I give ’em a whirl, but I just can’t wear them any more.

Enter fun, pretty glasses! Since I started wearing glasses again all the time, I treat them like accessories. I like to mix it up with ’em, and I have three pairs right now (not including a cruddy old pair that I wear when I get up in the morning. And not including a pair of prescription sunglasses that are pretty rad, I have to say). I’d have a different pair for every day if I could, but hey, glasses are expensive!

This is my favorite pair. They’re from Ogi, a local company (I have another Ogi pair – they have some really cute stuff. You should check ’em out). I love these glasses; I constantly get compliments on them. The red is a rich, almost burgundy color that’s quite striking, and the shape is librarian-chic.

I’m sort of hoping that we have money left over in our flex spending account in December so that I can get another, even funkier, pair.


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