Sweet desert delight

Sweet desert delight


This is one of my favorite teas. Isn’t it pretty? That star-looking pod thing is star anise. Sweet Desert Delight, by Zhi Tea, is a yummy night-time snack. It smells like autumn – to me, there’s a strong apple scent there (although there are no apples in it). And rum. Somehow it smells like an apple-y rum to me.

I like it best with some cream.


(Actually Bailey’s Irish Creme).

It is really, super-yummy with Bailey’s. For science, I tried a second brewing last night (yeah, I know it’s Tea for Tuesdays, but I couldn’t very well have a caffeine-free, Bailey’s-laced drink this morning, now could I?) and added no cream, Bailey’s or otherwise. I don’t know what it is with me and second steepings, but I can’t ever get them to work just right. I always end up having to add more tea, which sort of defeats the purpose of being able to re-use the tea leaves. Anyway, my second cup was not as good – too watery and not as creamy or sweet – but I don’t know if that was because it was the second steeping, or the lack of Bailey’s.

Seriously, though, this is a really nice, mellow, sweet tea that tastes great on crisp evenings (or mornings), with a good book. And some Bailey’s.


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