For my birthday this year, I asked for a new tea kettle. My spouse and daughter got me this cast-iron tea pot, which is gorgeous, but not terribly practical (you can’t put it on the stove. I’m not sure who this is for, really – people who have a lot of counter space, I guess – because you still need a tea kettle to heat the water). Anyway, I returned the beautiful tea pot for this kettle:

Happy birthday to me. From @TEAVANA #tea

Which is really cute, no? All sunny-colored and shiny. And when the tea boils, it sounds like a train whistle. I’m not too picky about the temperature of my water when making tea – my palette isn’t refined enough.

I have to admit, though, on these cold mornings sometimes I’m craving something like an automatic coffee-maker for my tea – that you can set the night before and that, by the time you come down in the morning (or back from your dog-walking), has made you a perfect cuppa.

I don’t actually think such a thing exists. And the tea leaves would have to stay out overnight, which is probably a no-no. Maybe what I really want is a butler?


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