Got (tea) apps?

Tea app icon

I downloaded a Tea app (creatively entitled, “Tea” – by the way, when you search for “Tea” on the app store, you get a ton of useless Tea Party apps. Harrumph) for my iPhone a few weeks ago. It’s pretty cool.

You input the tea that you have, including brand, kind of tea (black, green, etc.), how much of it you have, and how long to steep it. I wish it could read barcodes, or had some teas/brands automatically loaded so you didn’t have to put that info in, because it’s kind of a pain to have to do that.


Then, when you brew tea, it has a timer on it, which will ding when the tea is done steeping. You can adjust how much tea you like to use, the time you like to steep, the temp, etc. (I just wait ’til my tea kettle screams at me. I have no idea what temperature that is. Except hot.)


When you’re done brewing a cup, you can add some notes to your tea-drinking “experience” and share it with your social network.


And then it keeps track of your notes for future use, in case you find you like a certain tea better steeped longer, or what-have-you.


Not a necessary app, for sure, but pretty nifty! Available for $2.99 in iTunes. This looks like a similar app for Android devices.


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