Weekly round-up


Haven’t done one of these in a while, but here are some gems I came across in various places online this week:

  • Make Sure to Have Fun and Other NaNoWriMo Tips. This is about the whole “writing a novel in November” thing, but I’ll try to keep some of the tips in mind while blogging this month.

    Write for ten minutes a day. … The idea is to create a habit. And ten minutes a day is the beginning of that. On days when I despair because I have accomplished nothing, I take those ten minutes and feel much better afterward.

  • #instacane. The story of Hurricane Sandy as told through Instagram. There are other good places to go to find amazing and horrible photographs of the hurricane’s damage, but I like this site because most of the photos are not taken by professional photographers. Of course, as with all things Instagram, some of the photos leave me shaking my head at why the photo-taker tagged them the way that they did, but I guess there’s no Instagram-hashtag police out there. Yet.
  • Guiding Principles for Enhancing Classroom Experiences. Trying to keep some of these in mind as I gear up for co-teaching Advanced Legal Research next term.

    Give Up Fear. Law school is a breeding ground for fear and anxiety. Some of that is necessary—just the nature of the beast, but encouraging students to give up fear in the classroom is important.

  • Internet Librarian: 50 Great Mobile Apps for Libraries. Am always on the lookout for useful mobile apps. Mostly I use my smartphone for taking pictures. And then manipulating the heck out of those pictures. This brings me to
  • My Mobile Legal Apps Libguide. We did a Tech Petting Zoo at work this week (more on that tomorrow? Maybe?), and I’ve been working on a research guide for mobile apps that I think law students would find particularly useful. I really wanted to have it finished last week, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. If you have any ideas for apps that I’ve missed, or can add some short reviews to some of the apps I have here, let me know!

That’s all for now. See you tomorrow!


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