Mmm … Chocolate



I’ve discovered I really need to take a few days trying a tea out before reviewing it; one cup isn’t enough. Teas that I first sort of wrinkled my nose at are now becoming favorites. Like Hot Cinnamon Spice – at first I wasn’t so sure about it, but now I drink it almost every morning.

And Chocolate by Harney and Sons was another tea like that for me. I bought it because I thought it would be a calorie-free replacement for hot chocolate. When I opened it up and let my toddler take a deep whiff, she broke into a big grin and said, “Chocolate!” Indeed, it smells very chocolate-y.

But it doesn’t taste just like hot chocolate. It’s more earthy, more mellow, not as sweet, and, frankly, not as chocloate-y, so I was kind of disappointed. However, after having it several different times now, I’ve come around to it, and really quite enjoy it.

I find it tastes best with a little sugar – maybe one teaspoon – and some milk. I know milk in one’s tea is a controversial topic, but I feel I need it in most black teas (unless they have citrus undertones, like Hot Cinnamon Spice does). With Chocolate, I’ve found 1/4 a cup of whole milk does the trick. Nice and smooth, and, yes, more hot-chocolate-y.
Creamer for my tea

Of course, if your spouse stops at the co-op and gets some of this, a tablespoon of it will do quite nicely, too.



On a non-tea-related note, I hope all of you in the United States go vote today! Despite the fear and loathing expressed yesterday, it’s a very important right, and a duty we should not take lightly. Go do it!


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