Date Night


Here, fishy, fishy, fishy

Last night, spouse and I had a bona fide date night. It was awesome. We went to a nice restaurant, Wise Acre Eatery (something’s wonky with their website today, so I’m linking to their FB page), that owns a farm and gets most of its food from said farm. I had a black bean burger that was a little too spicy, but I’m a wimp. They have awesome french fries. Every single one was nice and crispy.

Coral Reef

Coral Reef

Then we went to the zoo. For several years, the Minnesota Zoo has had an outdoor concert series during the summer that is typically a good time. A few weeks ago, I saw this tweet from Jeremy Messersmith:

So, I guess this year, they’ve started an indoor, acoustic concert series! I had tried and failed to get tickets to any of Messersmith’s Supper Clubs, so I jumped at this chance, even though I wasn’t sure spouse would like it.

I needn’t have worried. We had a great time.


Messersmith is kind of an earnest, hipster-looking singer-songwriter type who primarily sings lovely, quiet songs. Some of which are kind of sad, or sort of weird, or just a little off. He’s also unassumingly witty. The venue was perfect for him and his songs, very intimate and inviting. I highly recommend his “Reluctant Graveyard” album, which you can listen to for free on his website, and then, if you decide to purchase it, can choose how much you want to pay for its download.

Having fun at the @jeremymessersmith show at @mnzoo.

There was maybe one more song about unrequited love than was strictly necessary, but overall, it was a great night. I recommend both the artist and the venue!


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